About The Artist


Established in 2016 by Tammy Lachance, Glowing Hearts Art is located in Sudbury Ontario. At a young age Tammy showed herself to be a creative, artistic person. In 1977 Tammy had a fascination and natural talent of drawing cartoons from TV. Tammy has entered many contests throughout her life. When Tammy attended Churchill Public school, she had her art work placed on the Grade 8 graduation cover page.


The Sudbury post office wanted their window painted to promote Christmas and Tammy jumped at the opportunity and ended up on the front page of the Sudbury Star. One event dear to Tammy’s heart is winning first place for Remembrance Day in 1984. Later on, Tammy decided to join the performing arts program at Sudbury Secondary School for Arts and Drama. Tammy contributed towards a native painting to show the schools many talents in 1986 and the painting is still hanging on the wall to this day.


This artist has worked many jobs searching for her calling. Many people advised her that art was not the way to make a living. Tammy would try and find jobs that would be suitable with her talents. For example, she designed jewlery for Ben Moss Jewelers in three locations: Sudbury, London Ontario and Windsor. Tammy also restyled jewelry for customers who wanted old jewelry transformed into a personal and unique style.


Glowing-Hearts Art came to surface when Tammy attended a friend’s social paint party. The instructor noticed various skills and talent and made a comment that planted the seed for Glowing-Hearts. Painting and art work can help people in many ways, including helping people deal with nervousness and mental conditions or people going through an emotional imbalance, like a break-up etc.


Adults who learn to paint fight the fear to confront themselves and they preserve while they are encouraged to create something that belongs only to them; leading to a personal project, unique and enormously satisfying. It’s like taking a trip with your mind. Tammy believes art is always an expression of something and each one tells a story. “There is a glowing feeling about art and Glowing-Hearts Art is a great way to express accomplishments. That’s where the name Glowing Hearts came to mind.” says artist, Tammy Lachance.




Benefits of art and painting include:


~ Relaxing and provides a sense of control

~ Reduces stress, reduces depression and reduces anxiety

~ Assists in socialization and encourages playfulness and a sense of humor

~ Improving cognitive sensory stimulation

~ Fosters a stronger sense of identity and increase self-esteem

~ Nurtures spiritually and reduces boredom


Tammy has a larger vision with Glowing-Hearts Art and her creativity is endless. “There’s a glow from the smiles when people accomplish a painting or any type of artwork” she says. Tammy finds people unique and believes everyone has some sort of hidden talent. She feels grateful crossing paths with so many amazing and gifted people.


Tammy has struggled with A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) all of her life and she finds what calms her is painting. Tammy loves painting Flowers, Trees, Dream Catchers, Angels, Aboriginal Art and much more. Her list is endless.


“Painting helps me from overthinking and being negative. Instead I reflect and turn thoughts into something beautiful.”




Glowing Hearts is a fun social art experience. Tammy manages to transform popular paintings in class by taking it out of an art studio and moving it into restaurants, homes, camps and even outdoors.


This is a painting party with an instructor to guide you step by step: creating a painting that is your own. It’s simple and fun! No experience necessary and beginners are encouraged! Enjoy a social night out with friends while sipping on a coffee or a cocktail. You can even request types of music while your painting. All you need to do is call and book now. Show up is your next step – Glowing Heats brings ALL the supplies.


In only two hours, Tammy will guide you step by step. She’s fun-loving and a Social Service graduate from Cambrian College. Painting can be therapy for many people. You will go home with your masterpiece, ready to hang as a conversation piece.

When an event takes place, a picture will be posted you will be provided with where the event will take place. Payment for now is E-transfer and Cash. Please contact Tammy at:  tammy@glowing-hearts